Leading the Industry with Air Micro Die Grinder Innovation

Experience unmatched precision with our air micro die grinders – compact power tools designed for versatile grinding, polishing, sanding, and honing tasks. Unveil a new era of high-speed pencil die grinding with our specially crafted Bakelite housing, utilizing Vespel material for exceptional durability and extended product life. Featuring a nickel alloy cylinder, stainless steel rotor, and nut, our grinders exhibit remarkable stability and concentricity, ensuring consistently superior performance.

At S.Y.Pneumatic, we stand out as a pioneer in the field of pneumatic grinding tools. Our air micro die grinders redefine industry standards, offering lightweight yet powerful solutions for professionals across various applications. We take pride in our commitment to innovation, utilizing the latest materials and technologies to engineer tools that excel in both performance and longevity. With a core focus on precision and reliability, our grinders are your trusted companions for achieving impeccable results.

One of the hallmarks of S.Y.Pneumatic is our dedication to customization. As a testament to our expertise, we proudly provide OEM and ODM services, tailoring products to your exact specifications. Whether you require personalized branding, specific features, or unique performance parameters, we have the capabilities to turn your vision into reality. Partner with us to elevate your projects with cutting-edge pneumatic grinding solutions that bear the mark of excellence.

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM101 Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM102 Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Grinder
SM210 Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM201 Die Grinder

90° Air Micro Die Grinder
SM211 90° Micro Die Grinder

120° Air Micro Die Grinder
SM212 120° Air Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM301 Hight Speed Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM103 Air Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM302 Air Engraving Stylus

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM216 6mm Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder
SM216R 6mm Die Grinder

Pneumatic Die Grinder
SM216NS 6mm Die Grinder