Air Micro Die Grinder

Air Micro Die Grinder

SM302 Air Engraving Stylus

Blow Per Minute : 3300rpm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 120L/min
Net Weight : 228g
Tool Length : 150mm
Hose Length : 1500mm
Exhaust System : Rear
Packing : 20pcs/4 kg/5 kg/1.2'

An air engraving stylus is a pneumatic tool for creating intricate designs and patterns on various surfaces. It is commonly used for engraving, etching, and decorating items such as jewelry, glass, and metal. It is powered by compressed air and features a thin tip, which allows the user to create precise and fine lines. The air engraving stylus is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for detailed work. It can be used with a variety of engraving bits, including diamond-tipped, carbide-tipped, and tungsten-carbide tipped bits.


*Nickel alloy cylinder, the whole stainless steel body design, so that the product 
  stability and rotation concentricity can have better performance.

*High-precision collet used, reducing swing and easy to use

*Easy replacement of hoses and fittings, and easy maintenance

*Angled type, the gear part of the angle change adopts the spiral cone method, which 
  is quiet and durable, and has high rotation performance

*Suitable for metal surface processing, surface treatment use, mold industry use

*S.Y. micro engraving pen is the best tool for mold grinding correction!

SM209A18-2 Air Inlet Connection x1

A1 Oil Can x1

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