Achieve Precise Surface Finishing with the Water Sander

Experience the pinnacle of surface finishing with S.Y.'s pneumatic water sander. This advanced water sanding machine utilizes air pressure to propel a stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, achieving exceptional results. Whether sanding molds, castings, or large surfaces, this tool excels in efficient material removal while keeping surfaces cool. Benefit from minimized dust and reduced clogging risk, ensuring precise outcomes every time.

Introducing S.Y.'s water sander – a pneumatic wonder for impeccable surface refinement. This water sanding machine employs air pressure to launch a stream of water combined with abrasives. Ideal for both extensive areas and intricate details, it excels in cooling surfaces during sanding while ensuring rapid and effective material removal. Say goodbye to dust and clogging concerns, and say hello to refined surfaces and efficiency.

Elevate your surface finishing with S.Y.'s wet stone sander. This pneumatic water sander is the pinnacle of precision, using air pressure to deliver a water and abrasive mixture for unparalleled results. Perfect for large surfaces and intricate details alike, it maintains cool surfaces while efficiently removing material. The innovative design minimizes dust and clogging, providing an exceptional sanding experience.

Pneumatic Water Sander
SM209 Pneumatic Water Sander

Pneumatic Water Sander - Rear Exhaust
SM209R Pneumatic Water Sander - Rear Exhaust