Elevate Precision Grinding with Our Small Pneumatic Sander

With a rich legacy spanning over 38 years, S.Y.Pneumatic stands as a global leader in manufacturing top-tier pneumatic grinding tools. Our mini air sanders, designed for excellence, are indispensable companions for professionals seeking precision. Compact, lightweight, and effortless to handle, these tools excel in intricate tasks. Whether it's delicate sanding, rust removal, or weld smoothening, our mini air sanders deliver. Their adaptable design accommodates various attachments, from sandpaper to collets and grinding wheels, ensuring versatility across applications.

At S.Y.Pneumatic, we take pride in offering not only outstanding products but also a commitment to customization. Our mini air sanders are backed by the option of OEM and ODM services, allowing you to tailor tools to your specific needs. With a global reach, we serve professionals across continents, meeting their unique grinding requirements. Experience precision like never before with S.Y.Pneumatic – your trusted partner for pneumatic tools that redefine industry standards.

Mini Orbital Air Sander
SM203 Mini Orbital Angle Sander

Mini Air Angle Sander
SM203A Mini Angle Sander

Mini Air Angle Sander
SM203B Mini Air Angle Sander

Mini Air Angle Grinder
SM203C Mini Air Angle Grinder

Mini Air Angle Sander
SM203D Mini Air Sander