Premium 10mm Belt Sander for Precision Work - S.Y. Tools

Elevate craftsmanship with S.Y.'s advanced collection of pneumatic tools, prominently featuring the versatile pneumatic belt sander. With an adjustable handle angle range of up to 180 degrees and an innovative adjustable guide shaft, this tool ensures precision in every task.

Our 10mm belt sander, along with the renowned pneumatic belt sander, showcases excellence in design and function. The rear handle of our 10mm belt sander connects to a muffle tube, safeguarding surfaces from oil pollution. These tools cater to woodworking, plastics, glass, metalwork, desks, chairs, beds, and even cell phone housing.

From grinding to surface polishing, our pneumatic tools, including the efficient small air belt sander, deliver exceptional results. They eliminate scars and deckle edges effortlessly and even process tiny marks on stainless steel surfaces, embodying S.Y.'s commitment to excellence.

Belt Sander-60mmx260mm
SM601 Belt Sander-60mmx260mm

Belt Sander-50mmx235mm #80
SM602 Belt Sander-50mmx235mm #80

Belt Sander-10mmx330mm #80
SM610 Belt Sander-10mmx330mm #80