Pneumatic Needle Scaler

Pneumatic Needle Scaler

SM04 Needle Scaler

Blow Per Minute : 3000 b/min
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 200L/min
Net Weight : 2590g
Tool Length : 385mm
Needle : 19 pcs
Packing : 5pcs/14kg/14.5kg/0.4'

An air needle scaler is a tool used for surface preparation and coating removal. It is powered by an air compressor and uses a series of small, pointed needles to chip, scrape, and sand away old coatings, rust, scale, and other surface imperfections. The needles vibrate rapidly to create a high-impact force that breaks up the coating, while the compressed air helps to blow away the debris.

They can be configured for a light, medium, or heavy-duty job, depending on the size and type of coating that needs to be removed.

The air pressure and needle speed can be adjusted for different jobs, and the tool can be used with a variety of abrasive materials, such as steel wool, sandpaper, and other media.


* Needle Scaler powerful for exerting and chisel is suitable to dismantle.

* It's was designed specially to use for a long time. And suitable for boat, machine and
large instrument to clear off the rust and adhesion underside



1. Automotive and Marine Maintenance and Repair 
2. Removal of Rust, Scale, and Other Surface Imperfections 
3. Removal of Paint and Other Coatings 
4. Preparation of Surfaces Prior to Applying New Coatings 
5. Deburring and Deflashing 
6. Industrial Maintenance and Repair 
7. Removal of Weld Slag and Spatter 
8. Graffiti Removal 
9. Restoration of Old and Weathered Surfaces 
10. Removal of Epoxy and Polyurethane Foam.

SM0422 Hexagon Spanner (6mm) x1

SM07 Super Plug x1

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