Pneumatic Flux Chipper

Pneumatic Flux Chipper


Blow Per Minute : 3000 b/min
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 200L/min
Net Weight : 1800g
Tool Length : 230mm
Packing : 5pcs/11kg/11.5kg/0.4'

A pneumatic flux chipper is a type of pneumatic tool used for cleaning and removing flux from surfaces. The tool is composed of a housing and a chipping bit, which is made of a steel or carbide material. The chipping bit is designed to break away and remove flux from the base of a weld or other metal surface. The tool is powered by compressed air and is relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is commonly used in welding and metalworking applications.

* Flux Chipper it's powerful for exerting and chisel is suitable to dismantle.

* It's was designed specially to use for a long time. And suitable for boat, machine and 
  large instrument to clear off the rust and adhesion underside.


SM04A01-1 Tip Chisel


SM07 Super Plug x1

SM04A01 Flat Chisel x1


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