90° Angle Drill-Small Head

90° Angle Drill-Small Head

SM215S 90° Angle Drill-Small Head

Free Speed : 3000 rpm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 540L/min
Net Weight : 830g
Tool Length : 250mm
Collet Size : 6mm (1/4",3mm,4mm,5mm)
Locking Cap : 1/4X28T (M6x1.0,1/4x20T)
Packing : 10pcs/10kg/11kg/0.53'

The right-angle drill is primarily designed to fit into tight spaces that a regular drill could not be applied. The angle allows for a smaller head and shorter extension of the handle, so that corners can be drilled from the inside. This is also true of any space that is not long enough to handle a traditional drill.

SM0229L Fixed Pin (Long) x1

SM03A32 Spanner (17mm) x1

SM215S04-3 Collet (6mm) x1

SM215S04-5 Locking Cap (1/4"x28T) x1

SM07 Super Plug x1

SM215S04-6 Locking Cap (M6x1.0)

SM215S04-7 Locking Cap (1/4" x20T)

SM215S04-1 Collet (1/4")

SM215S04-2 Collet (5mm)

SM215S04-9 Collet (4mm)

SM215S04-4 Collet (3mm)


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