Nib Removal Sander

Nib Removal Sander


Free Speed : 10000 rpm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 120L/min
Net Weight : 505g
Tool Length : 120mm
Packing : 20pcs/12.5kg/13kg/1.2'  

Air Nib Removal Sanders are powered tools that are used to remove small, protruding nails from wood, metal and other materials. They are typically made of a metal housing, with a motor inside that drives a spinning wheel or cylinder. Air is used to create suction, which helps to draw the nail out from the material. The sander is typically adjustable to accommodate different sizes of nails and to provide different levels of power. The speed and power of the sander can also be adjusted to suit the task at hand. Air nib removal sanders are commonly used for tasks such as prepping surfaces for painting, as well as for more detailed carpentry work.


*High efficiency with superior grinding stability

*Good durability, not easy to break down

*Help you improve work efficiency, work safety and work environment

*Special disc seat can be equipped with various types of sandpaper to facilitate grinding

*Suitable for removing all kinds of spot welding fine objects, removing attachments, etc.



1. Removing paint and rust
2. Sanding metal surfaces
3. Removing imperfections
4. Smoothing rough edges
5. Polishing metal surfaces
6. Preparing surfaces for painting
7. Sanding wood
8. Removing graffiti
9. Sanding automotive parts
10. Sanding plastic surfaces.

SM70144 Pad (30mm) x1

SM209A18-2 Air Inlet Connector x1

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