Air Diamond Sander

Air Diamond Sander

SM02 / SM02N

Free Speed : 15000 rpm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 600L/min
Net Weight :
SM02 : 675g / SM02N : 685g
Tool Length :
SM02 : 160mm / SM02N : 142mm
Packing : 20pcs/17kg/18kg/1.2'

Orbital Diameter : 3mm / 1.5mm / 0.75mm

The AIR DIAMOND SANDER is a powerful and efficient tool designed with a sanding pad is a tool used to smooth and finish wood surfaces. It typically consists of a motor, a pad, and a variety of attachments. The sanding pad is typically made of either foam, metal, or a combination of materials, and is designed to move back and forth in a circular motion across a surface. The motor is used to power the pad and the attachments, which can include sanding discs, sanding blocks, abrasive sheets, and more. It be used to smooth rough edges, create curves, and grind away excess material.The AIR DIAMOND SANDER is designed for use with a wet system for maximum accuracy and safety.

*Small volume, light weight, low noise. It’s suitable for the small area to smooth.

*A durable yet economical choice offering longer life and higher speed to be suitable
 for process in vehicle body shop, mold and woodworking


1. Shaping hard materials
2. Creating curves and shapes
3. Sanding rough edges
4. Grinding away excess material
5. Removing rust
6. Carving decorative designs
7. Carving intricate details
8. Polishing hard surfaces.

SM0228 2"Pad (M6x1.0) x1

SM0229 Fixed Pin x1

SM07 Super Plug x1

SM0228-1   3' Pad (M6x1.0) 


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