Air Finger Sander: Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2

Air Finger Sander


Free Speed : 13000 rpm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 600L/min
Net Weight : 815g
Tool Length :
SM01 :180mm / SM01N : 200mm
Packing : 20pcs/21kg/22kg/1.2'
Orbital Diameter:3mm / 1.5mm / 0.75 mm

An air finger sander is a pneumatic tool used for sanding wood, metal, and other surfaces. It has a small, cylindrical head with a finger-like protrusion that fits into tight corners and recesses for more precise sanding. The air finger sander is commonly used for detailed sanding work and is capable of a wide range of speeds and grits depending on the sandpaper used. It is usually connected to an air compressor and operated by squeezing a trigger to start the sander and then controlling the speed and pressure with a knob or switch.


The results of an AIR FINGER SANDER centrifugal size differences test will depend on the type of material the sander is being used on. Generally, the sander will produce a finer finish when used on softer materials such as wood, while larger particles will be produced when used on harder materials, such as metal. The size of the particles produced can also vary depending on the speed of the sander and the pressure applied.

Orbital Diameter:3mm
Orbital Diameter:1.5mm
Orbital Diameter:0.75mm 


An air finger sander is used for a variety of projects, including woodworking, metalworking, and automotive work. It is ideal for detail work, such as sanding intricate contours, corners, and curves. It can also be used for smoothing rough surfaces and shaping material for better fit. The air finger sander is also ideal for sanding in tight spots, such as areas between furniture pieces or in recesses. Additionally, it is also used for sanding off paint or varnish or for light grinding.


SM0138 Pad (Viscidity Thick)x1

SM0139 Pad (Viscidity Thin)x1

SM0139-1 Pad (Thin)x1

SM0140 Steel Platex1

SM07 Super Plugx1


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