Air File and Air Saw(5mm)

Air File and Air Saw(5mm)

SM205 Air File & Saw (5mm)

Strokes Per Minute : 3400 spm
File Shake Dia : 5mm
Stroke Length : 5mm
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 150L/min
Net Weight : 580g
Tool Length : 700mm
Packing : 10pcs/8kg/9kg/1.2'  

An air file is a handheld tool that is used for filing and deburring metal and wood. It uses compressed air to drive a rotating file tip, and is usually equipped with interchangeable files and a variety of attachments for different filing tasks. An air saw is also a handheld tool that uses compressed air to drive a reciprocating saw blade, typically used for cutting metal and wood. It is equipped with a variety of blades for different cutting jobs, and is often used in automotive repair and construction.

* There is omnipotent hold fast. It's easy to clip firmly in various of thickness on 
   process tools of plane surface.

* It can purge hardened surface of metal that made from discharge electricity quickly.

* Long life, high speed, light weight and trouble free.

*Applicable to the processing of footwear, mold and woodworking industries

SM20539 Switch Connection (5mm--> 3mm) x1

SM20548 Hexagon Spanner (2.5mm) x1

SM20532-4 Square File x1

SM20532-2 Triangle File x1

SM20532-1 Circule File x1

SM07 Super Plug x1  


SM20532-3 Semicircle File x1

SM20532 Diamond File x1


SM205S3  Saw of Accessories Set


SM20547 Hexagon Spanner (3mm) x1

SM20508 Blade Holder Set x1

SM20531 Saw (24T)x1


SM205S  Blade of Accessories Set

SM20540 Stick (3mm)x1

SM20541 Stick (5mm)x1

SM20542S Whetstone chuck Set x1

SM20547 Hexagon Spanner (3mm)x1

SM20549 Hexagon Spanner (2mm)x1


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