Air Dent Puller-Rear

Air Dent Puller-Rear

SM111R Air Dent Puller-Rear

Exhaust System : Rear 
Suction Power : 90-100kg
Slide Hammer Weight : 3.5lb
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Air Pressure : 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption : 240L/min
Net Weight : 2750g
Tool Length : 1120mm
Packing : 4pcs/14kg/16kg/1.32'  

An air dent puller is a specialized tool used to remove dents from metal surfaces. It works by using compressed air, a vacuum, and a specialized metal tip that is inserted into the dent, to create a vacuum seal. The air pressure then pushes the dent out from the inside, restoring the metal surface to its original shape. Air dent pullers are most commonly used to remove dents from cars and other vehicles, but can also be used to remove dents from other metal surfaces.

* It supplies a new way that save a lot of time to fix steel plate. Let the obsession with 
  dent throw out. It's the best way to solve. As easy as pie to use.

* When pressure valve is bon after a few minute, however is a dent of car, an oil box of 
   motorcycle or a steel plate of air plane, all of trouble will be solved.

SM11104 Suction Pad (155mm) x1

SM11107 Suction Pad (115mm) x1

SM11105 Hose Set (Blue) x1

SM07 Super Plug x1

SM11110 Suction Pad (78mm)

SM11105-2 Pressure Hose Set (Black) 


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